Private Online One-on-One Coaching
* Acting (film & theatre)
* Audition Technique
* Arts Management/Administration
* Business of Acting
* Creative Writing
* Dialects 
* Monologue Coaching
* Script Analysis (theatre & film)
* Script Coverage
* Self-Tapes
* Shakespeare
* 10-minute Screenwriting & Playwriting
* Writing Film & Theatre Curriculum
* Voice Overs
* Writing (Resumes, CVs, Artist Statements, Applications, Grants, etc.)
Small & in-person classes offered TBA!

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Christine is one of the most thoughtful teachers I've ever had. Even after college, I return to her for coaching, monologue and play recommendations, and general questions about the business. I recommend her to any experience level or age of drama student. 

~ Klara Hricik, Teacher, Somerset Charter Academy's Arts Conservatory; Former Great Lakes Theater Actor-Teacher

Christine is smart, motivating, and life-changing. She has a capacity for empathy that allows her to push you but also nurture you as an artist, as well as human being.

 ~Gus Mahoney, U of Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre BFA

Christine was my acting teacher throughout high school and provided the basis of my Shakespeare training that allowed me to approach the text in my higher education and feel comfortable. 

~Lauryn Hobbs, US Presidential Scholar; University of Michigan BFA

Christine is a phenomenal coach. All the lessons I have learned from her I have applied to my career as a professional dancer. 

~Kevin Parker, Inlet Dance Theatre

Christine wants you to succeed and be the best human possible. She has a keen artistic eye and will help you get to where you want to be.

~Charles Mayhew Miller, Baldwin Wallace Musical Theatre BM 

"I wish my school teachers would teach Shakespeare like you do. If they did, Shakespeare would be fun and engaging and kids would want to learn it - not just have it as a requirement." 

~Gavin Ditz, Private Student

High school English made me hate Shakespeare but Christine changed that. Her fun and positive personality is the icing on the cake. 

~Tatiana Boykin, Private student

 I have been working professionally in theatre and film for several years now and I am still using techniques that Christine taught me. 

~Zoe Davidson, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati 

Christine is a dynamic coach who gets excited by every step and builds momentum, laughter, and passion in the room. Perhaps the the biggest impact she has on actors, though, is revealing to them qualities they never knew they had, and opening their repertoire to new character types. 

~Erik Johnson, Former Ensemble Program Director, Shaker Theatre

Currently, I'm privately coaching on-line.

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